How to use InstaWallet

            In InstaWallet you can easily put some money for online transaction, you don't need to go again and again with filling all the payment details to purchase any report from InstaFinancials. For using InataWallet follow the below steps:-

            1. Visit
            2. Click on Sign In
            3. Enter User Email id and Password
            4. Click on InstaWallet icon ( Hint: Right side of your home page,next to setting option second icon is InstaWallet)
            5. Click on Make payment option
            6. InstaWallet payment will open ( Hint: Enter the amount you have to deposit in it )
            7. Inata payment link will open
            8. Click on Next
            9. Choose Payment Mode ( Hint:  It can be Debit Card, Net banking, Credit cards, Wallet)
            10. Enter Details of payment mode you selected
            11. Click on Checkout option
            12. Amount is credited to your InstaWallet
            Updated: 06 Mar 2017 05:20 PM
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