How to check Bookmark History

            In Bookmark you generally mark those companies which you needed in future or important to you then you don't need to go and search again just go to bookmark option and you will see your companies names. For that follow the below steps:-

            1. Visit
            2. Click to Sign In
            3. Enter User Email id and password
            4. Enter Company name in search bar
            5. Click on Star icon ( Hint: Next to company name mentioned) 
            6. Company is Bookmarked
            7. Go to Dashboard ( Hint: Left side of your page, under InstaFinancials Logo)
            8. Click on Bookmark History ( Hint: second option from top on dashboard)
            In Bookmark History the company which you have saved as important it will be shown there for your future reference. 
            Updated: 06 Mar 2017 07:16 PM
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