Corporate Credit Risk Assessment in India

Products and Services

With our commitment for Innovation in Application of Financial Data, we offer solutions that address the key decision needs of various profiles and functions from different industries. Our offerings are packaged and priced to suite to requirements of small to big and light to heavy users.

1.     InstaSummary

Find your prospects smarter with InstaSummary. InstaSummary, provides quick company insights instantly. Includes summary of financials, additional information on directors, charges, rating, employment trend and much more.

InstaSummary is ideal for sales, business development, marketing professionals for smart prospecting and targeting. It enables you to effortlessly slice and dice the target customers based on various benchmarks. It offers essential insights and most productive for all Banks, NBFC, and other B2B companies.

2.   InstaDetailed

Gain profounder understanding of your customers, vendors and strategic partners. InstaDetailed, provides deepest company insights. Includes detailed balance sheet, profit and loss, and other financial statements and financial ratios comparative analysis; holding and subsidiary information, charges search report with charges history, asset search report and information about future charges; in depth rating info with important notes, employment trend, and director information with their past and current directorship, all related parties of this company and much more.

InstaDetailed is most expedient for risk assessment, credit verification and processing, business analysts, financial analysts, and many other professionals from Banking, NBFC, and corporates.

3.   InstaDocs

InstaDocs enables you to download the company public documents from MCA with ease and effectively. View all the available documents, choose the document you wish to download, or download all the documents in a single click. The documents will be made available for one year from the date of purchase. Within this period the user can view and download the documents anytime, from anywhere.

4.   InstaDaaS

Integrate, Automate and Succeed, is the formula every company is following. Harvest the power of our APIs, to integrate our insightful data and automate the process.

InstaDaas (Data as a Service) enables you to have seamless access to our decision critical insights. Right from the company master information, we can provide the financial ratios, balance sheet data and profit and loss and all other data through our APIs.

5.   InstaAlerts

Get important insights, right at your inbox as it happens or may be before it happens, in future.  Track and monitor your key customer, vendors and partner smartly.

InstaAlerts enables you to receive proactive updates about the companies, directors, charges and others. InstaAlerts enables you to customize alerts based on over 100+ parameters and their combinations.

6.   InstaCombo

To fulfill the end to end requirement of our client needs, starting from lead identification till in depth credit analysis and audit, InstaCombo supports at every step. InstaCombo includes InstaSummary, InstaDetailed and InstaDocs.

7.    InstaShareHolding

An exclusive report that talks about the shareholding detailed and pattern for the latest 3 years. It can be effective in identifying common owners or fraudulent companies or virtual competition created among your vendor base or in the industry.

8.   InstaFunding

Gives brief view on the funding and valuation insights of funded companies in India. Very useful and insightful for startups, investors and management consultants to have meaningful funding negotiations and transactions.


We offer services around financial data science. With our ability to handle bigData, we offer quality and reliable services. 

1.    Data Cleaning & Enrichment 

We offer company data cleaning and enrichment solutions. We can remove the inconsistency and inaccuracy in the data and enrich the same with quality rich data from most reliable sources.

2. Total Addressable Market

With our powerful filters and financial data of over 5 lakh companies available with us, we enable B2B organizations to identify total addressable market. We enable the organizations to apply filters on both financial and non financial parameters and arrive at the most potential list of addressable market.

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