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How to get basic details of Companies?

You can view basic company master information, directors information, charges summary and potentially related parties information for any Private or Public Limited company registered in India. Our website, can present information of over 16 Lakh Indian companies. 

For getting basic detail of any company, you don't need to registered in our website, but registering in our website will enable you to download the basic report for free in PDF format. Follow the steps mentioned below, to view basic detail of any companies:

  1. Visit www.InstaFinancials.com
  2. Type company name in Search Bar ( Hint You can search company information by company CIN, name start with or name contain)
  3. Select relevant company name from the list shown below
Once you select the company name, the respective company information will be displayed in the main display area. You can use the update facility provided in the InstaBasic page, to view the latest company information, as available at MCA.

If you are not able to find the company name you are looking for, please write to us at instadora@instafinancials.com or talk to us at +91 80 40979008.
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