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How to Download My Invoices from InstaFinancials Platform?

Please follow the below-mentioned steps to download your invoices starting from 1 Apr 2021.

  1. Login to InstaFinancials
  2. Click on Payment HistoryClick on Payment History
  3. Click on Download Button - How to Download My Invoice on InstaFinancialsClick on The Download Button
The invoices are generated only after the successful delivery of your reports. Hence, please visit the payments history after you receive all the reports that you have ordered at a time.
For any queries, please drop an email to support@instafinancials.zohosupport.com. Thank you.

  1. The invoices are available only for pre-paid users and for the post-paid users, invoices will be mailed on a monthly basis to the concerned user
  2. Invoices are available only for the reports purchased by making payment using the online payment gateway. Invoices will not be generated if the amount is adjusted from the wallet.
  3. Invoices for wallet transactions will be generated manually and sent to your registered mail ID on or before the 5th working day of every month

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