How to Download an Invoice for Your Transactions?

How to Download an Invoice for Your Transactions?

Introduction: Managing and organizing invoices is crucial for keeping track of your financial transactions. If you are a prepaid user of InstaFinancials, you have the convenience of easily downloading your invoices for your online report purchases. In this article, we will guide you through the simple steps to download your invoices from your InstaFinancials account.

Steps in Brief:
  1. Login to InstaFinancials.
  2. Navigate to My Wallet & Billing.
  3. Access My Invoices.
  4. Choose the Invoice to Download.
  5. Download the Invoice.
Please find the detailed description of these steps mentioned below:

Step-by-Step Guide:
  • Login to InstaFinancials: Access your InstaFinancials account by entering your login credentials.
  • Navigate to My Wallet & Billing: Once logged in, locate the ‘My Wallet & Billing’ option in the main vertical menu. Click on it to proceed.
  • Access My Invoices: Within the wallet and billing section, you will find the ‘My Invoices’ option. Click on it to view your available invoices.
  • Choose the Invoice to Download: You will see a list of transactions for which invoices are available. Select the specific transaction, for which you wish to download the invoice.
  • Download the Invoice: Locate the ‘Download’ button under the ‘Download Invoice’ column corresponding to the chosen transaction. Click on it to initiate the invoice download.


Additional Information:
  • Invoice Availability: Invoices are available for transactions made on or after April 1, 2021.
  • TAT for Invoice: Invoices are generated only after the successful delivery of your reports. Therefore, it is recommended to check the status of your order. If the order is delivered, only then you can download the invoice.
  •  Payment Methods: Invoices are generated only for reports purchased using the online payment gateway. If payment was adjusted from your InstaWallet, invoices will not be generated.
By following the steps mentioned above, a prepaid user can easily access and download their invoices for the online report purchases. Keeping track of your financial records has never been easier, ensuring transparency and efficiency in your financial management.
• Postpaid Users: Invoices will be sent to postpaid users on a monthly basis via email.

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