Delete or Disable Users

How to Delete or Disable your InstaFinancials Account?

Please follow the steps below for deleting or disable the user:

1. Please drop an email to to disable your InstaFinancials account from your registered mail ID
2. Emails should contain your User Name, Email Address, and Registered Mobile Number
3. Once our support team receives the request, we will do needful in 1 working day.

Once a user is created on InstaFinancials the user can only be disabled and cannot be deleted. 

We recommend you to Disable your account under the following circumstances:
  1. If you are a corporate user and you have changed your role or organisation and you no longer want to use your account in your new role or organisation
  2. If you have changed your mail ID and no longer is interested to use the old mail ID
  3. If you do not have any requirement for company information and does not need to use InstaFinancials in the future
  4. If you wish to use an already registered mobile number with your new email ID or new account on InstaFinancials
After your account is disabled on InstaFinancials, you can choose to Activate your account anytime in the future.
Please contact us at or +91 7879776776 for any further queries. Thank you.

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